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Microbiome: How Colonic Flora May Contribute to Obesity

Gut flora and the microbiome contributes to overweight and obesity in this growing epidemic related to the metabolic syndrome. Obesity is one of the major and serious health concern, caused by a combination of consuming energy-dense foods and less physical activity. During the past few years, gut Microbiome has been viewed as a cause of

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Causes and Trends For Obesity

The complex causes of obesity are managed by endoscopic, incisionless procedural therapies such as stomach balloons and stomach sleeve remodeling procedures performed by Dr. Anthony Starpoli of the American Obesity Center. Obesity is a composite health issue that outcomes from a combination of bases and causal factors such as behavior and genetics. The behaviors comprise

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Study Finds Genetic Link Between Sleep Problems and Obesity …

Study Finds Genetic Link Between Sleep Problems and Obesity … Obesity occurs when a person accumulates too much body fat, leading to a negative health effect. Researchers in epidemiological studies have long reported an existing relationship between this condition and sleeping problems. The study also shows that decreased sleep quality and duration is related to

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Obesity and Infertility

Everyone is aware of the side effects of obesity. Weight gain, terminal illness, reduced mobility and energy; the list goes on. Recent studies are showing that those who suffer obesity may have yet another negative side effect: infertility. Obesity causes an excess of adipose tissue, which is critical in controlling the regulation of sex hormones. Estrogen

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