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Dietary Care and Nutritional Support

Dr. Starpoli and the American Obesity Center have access to virtual consultations  to provide close follow up for patients undergoing procedures such as ESG or the Orbera intragastric balloon.  This process can ensure success in the journey of weight management in Obesity.  Nonsurgical weight loss dietary counseling is critical.

Obesity continues to skyrocket in the United States and throughout the world.  An individual’s long-term success is dependent on their commitment to a lifetime of dietary and lifestyle change. Working with a Registered Dietitian and healthcare team can help achieve a positive outcome and optimize weight loss after bariatric procedures. We know life is busy and patients have many other commitments.  

Therefore, treatment should be efficient and effective and include Obesity Registered Dietitian. Altogether, our platform allows you to work with a dietitian from your home or office.  One can also do on-the-go care with your mobile device.  Basically, appointments can be easily organized, convenient and accessible.  HIPAA compliant video consultations have  the option to log meals.  A photo food journal can be maintained as well a link to a Fit Bit like device for activity tracking. The dietitian will be able to monitor your weight loss progress, as well as make actionable suggestions for lifestyle change based on diet and activity.

Additionally, we offer individual, in-person, evaluations by registered dietitians.

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